COVID-19 Reusable mask

2020, Shenkar, Routine habits and disorder Course 

Reusable mask designed to prevent further pollution and destruction of the environment that is cause due to the Corona virus Pandemic

The COVID-19 Reusable mask design was inspired by looking at the amount of waste generated due to the use of disposable masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.


It seems that the masks will be in use in the months after the crisis and there is no reason that our protection against the virus today will cause pollution and destruction of the environment in the future.


The reusable protective mask is made from a single layer of dense fabric. The mask can be washed and disinfected to allow reuse and prevent unnecessary waste. The mask has elastic straps with a magnetic locking mechanism that allows maximum comfort and customization.

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Israel Hayom, Sunday, May 10, 2020, Page 23

The design process

Final product