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Autonomous EZ Raider | Control Unit

2020, Industrial design intenship, DS Raider ltd.

The EZRaider ATV is a solution for navigating through rough terrain. With a narrow design than traditional ATV’s and 4×4 quads, the EZRaider can squeeze through, around and over obstacles. it is fully electrical and chargable.

In the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to take an internship in DS Raider as a junior industrial designer. The duration of the internship was 3 months and during that time I worked with engineers, design managers, field operators and branding personal.

In collaboration with the engineering company, Softride, we developed the next generation of ATV's, the goal was to make it Autonomous and Remote controlled.

My part in this project was to design the rear control unit that was containing all the necessary components and communication units.

The design process and work sketches

Final product